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Financial Accounting


For all organizations that need high quality accounting advice, AKG and Co. has more than the required knowledge and technical expertise to assist the organization and enable it such that the financial accounts are used for management decision making and not merely to meet statutory requirement. Our experience with various accounting software enables us to set systems so that the accounting process becomes both user friendly and highly informative. Our technical advice, support tools, guidance, and training help the companies to improve the quality of their financial reporting.


We offer outsourcing accounting services and part-time accounting services to our clients where we take care of the complete requirements of a company from its finance department.


Our accounting services also include designing and implementation of accounting systems, Preparation of Budgets, Analysis of Variances, Compliance of accounting standards issued by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, preparation and presentation of MIS reports on a periodic basis and regular advice on these matters.


Accounting Manuals


An accounting manual is a collection of accounting instructions governing the responsibilities of persons, and the procedures, forms, and records relating to the preparation and use of accounting data. It is a handbook containing policy guidelines, procedures, and standards for accounts of a company or an individual.


The manual contains the charts (or classification) of accounts which is an important part of the accounting manual. There can be separate manuals for the constituent parts of the accounting system, for example, budget manuals or cost accounting manuals.


It is basically a step by step guide to understand various processes that are followed in an organization and a guideline to various policy checks that are adopted by the top management for effective efficiency and managerial control before the entire process is recorded in the books of account of the organization.


The other major constituent of the manual is a detailed analysis of the methods and systems as used by the organization for the purpose of book keeping and maintaining its daily books of accounts. This shall include step-by-step guidelines, diagrammatic presentation and an explanation to the accounting and the operating system as used in the organization and details on how to use the same. Details shall also be provided on the accounting policies as adopted by the organization and the reporting standards as required by the statutory bodies.